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Samnop Prim


August 13, 2012


About 300 people representing young professionals, university students and volunteer students.

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To contribute in preparing and building a total qualified package as a graduate which includes the following factors: 1. Knowing Self SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threat). 2. Classify knowledge into: Soft Skills and Hard Skills 3. Building up an ideal personality (manners, attitude, communication, body language, etc.) 4. Establish/build self-signature/brand(what is it that differentiate you from others). 5. Disclose what job market requires (viewpoints of successful people, company’s owners, HR professionals, managers within well-known companies in Cambodia)


Career Corner Program was designed for 2012 with 6 sub-sessions. Each session takes place every two months targeting 300-400 university students per session. Career Corner provides a platform for university students and bring closer to them real success stories/methods from experienced high profile professional and business owners which aim to maximize success in their quest for career success.


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The session was enable 300 students to re-visit themselves to start classifying their Strengths, Weaknesses, Threat, Opportunities and start making short-term and long-term plan for their career. At the same time students were encourage and were shown ways to build up ideal personality in which will enable them to be more confident and it set a sample foundation to build on into making their unique self-signature/image.

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