bilel ben arbia

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JCI Tunis Business School


bilel ben arbia


February 24, 2021


University sudents in Tunis governorate

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Decent Work and Economic Growth

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Education and Economic Empowerment


This event aims to present the National Status of Entrepreneur Students and outline their development prospects at the national level.
The National Status of Entrepreneur Student allows the students to develop an entrepreneurial project as part of their studies by benefiting from appropriate support within support centres.
This event serves as an initiative for the students to start on their projects and beneficiate from the national status personally, academically, and professionally.
This status represents a guideline for beginner entrepreneurs to demonstrate the first steps and boost them into the business sphere from a young age.


Educating future leaders and managers for a global economy inspired JCI Tunis Business School and gave the team incentive to organise a conference for university students entitled ENTREPRENEURS 101.
On February 24th, 2021, the event took place in the ceremonial amphitheatre of Tunis Business School in partnership with the Center of Career Services 4C Tunis Business School within the SALEEM Project framework.
Mainly this event is organised to inaugurate the status to university students and present its aspects.

Actions Taken

Some experts in the field were present at our conference to share insights in an interactive session and share the Dos and Don’ts of starting up a project.
The conference incorporates several workshops with alumni of the status to help the attendees dodge any possible mistakes while developing their startups
Our honourable guests were the head of the University of Tunis and the Center of Certifications and Career Services head. They were initially invited to visualise the students’ needs for the status and their eagerness to benefit from it.


The attendees were highly interested in the status and eager to start working on their ideas and develop their projects.
The head of the University of Tunis on his side expressed positive feedback regarding the implementation of the status within the university and showed support for the students.


JCI Tunis Business School would have appreciated working on the national level and spread the conference to other universities to encourage them in implementing the status within the establishments. Whereas, due to pandemic issues, we were limited to our university and couldn't go bigger.


Emna Elleuch-Event Manager: emnaelleuch1999@gmail.com

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