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From September 9 to 27, 2020


companies and young creative entrepreneurs.

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Root cause

To invest in the unlimited powers that await to be unleashed to make a positive change and help the community to grow better.

Sustainable Development Goal

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


Providing the right environment where both young innovative entrepreneurs and well established companies can work together to achieve prosperity and progress within the local economic fields


The young entrepreneurs are wealthy mines of ideas, innovation and creativity. They are the best to know their generation, their needs and the technology their generation has developed. If we succeed to combine all of these at the right time with the right successful businessmen whom are seeking new opportunities, growth can be guaranteed for both parties and eventually end up achieving wider scale goals such as cost reduction, employment rate increase and inflation reduction.
With a passion to make a positive change and help the community and society grow better Tartus Launch pushed off through several stages:
The first stage consisted of facebook events and posters that included information about loans, commercial law that interest young entrepreneurs, and about unique figures that started their own business. there was a documentary video about Tartus , its market, and the spotlight was placed on investors who were pioneers in their field who reached the global level.
The second phase consisted of 50 applicators with their projects , 20 applicable projects were selected by specialists in the field of entrepreneurship and economics.
This stage was followed with workshops and trainings for the owners of the 20 selected participants , the workshops included (developing economic feasibility, market competitiveness, business planning, marketing, finance and budgeting). An intensive 3 days of training that included information on entrepreneurship skills and project studies principles, took place on September the 17th, 18th and 19th, with the conclusion of training certificates delivered by trainers.
Eight projects were selected from the 20, also by specialists in accordance with the conditions that were announced during the workshops ( participants who were able to develop correct economic feasibility and thoughtful work plans), Interviews were conducted with the owners of the projects nominated for the final stage to give them notes and guidance about the principles of public speaking, presenting their ideas in front of investors and business men.
To conclude the project Tartus Launch, which was initiated by the International Junior Chamber in Tartus, within the business sector under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and the support of a number of businessmen, the chapter held an Entrepreneurship Forum that brought together a number of businessmen and company representatives with a group of entrepreneurs and the eight entrepreneurs who were qualified for the final stage. The forum aimed to present ideas and projects by their owners to the audience who adopted a number of these projects and provided support for their owners, as these investments were represented as follows:
Both the Consultant Foundation for Business Development represented by Mr. Bassam Karam and Khaldoun Al Rayes Company have expressed their full interest in supporting and investing the Steviola project (A project that focuses on natural local production of the stevia plant that the owner works to cultivate in the countryside of Baniyas)
Harayer company represented by Mr. Abdul Jalil Khalil has made a full investment for the LilyBrushes project, which is represented in the production of make-up tools (brushes) from natural hair away from the exploitation of animals or artificial fibers, and the project is currently going under development and in the process of obtaining the quality standards necessary to start production completely.
Mrs. Suha Suleiman, a representative of Al Salman Trading Company, and Mrs. Razan Al Rayes provided a financial grant for the Pampo project, which aims to reuse plastic and old clothes in making daily products that can be used such as bags, mats or furniture, which significantly saves money in addition to protecting the environment.
The smartStep company represented by Mr. Zain Ismail and Mr. Ali Khadour provided a 50% discount on the costs of the visual identity for all the advanced projects in the forum, and also provided marketing support and an integrated marketing study for the Be
Smart project on the idea of a menu based on augmented reality.
In conclusion, with Sham Bank, which showed an interest in investing after communicating with the owners of the following ideas: Steviola, Be smart, and Pampo.
The role of the JCI Tartus, will be to network and form the final link between entrepreneurs and the interested investors and companies, hoping to repeat this experience on a larger scale.
In addition to the financial prizes offered by the Chamber to the first three place holders, according to the vote of the attendees, with the aim of putting these young people on the starting point of a new path through which they can achieve their dreams and build their own projects.


The participants had the chance to share their ideas, knowledge and skills with each other and gained the opportunity to shed the light on their projects in front of investors and companies such as banks and advertisement agencies.
The local community get closer to the youth who have the time, skill and power to convert their ideas into actual existing projects. As the entrepreneurs are parts of this community, their projects helped the individuals to be more productive and active in their career and social life.


Use time managements effectively
Divide the teams members based on each team tasks
provide the biggest media press to cover the project


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