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Uchechukwu A. OKORIE


From February 25 to March 30, 2021


300 Vulnerable Adolescent Girls and Young Women

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majorly finance and information

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Education and Economic Empowerment


To focus on the Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights of Vulnerable Adolescents girls, and the Young women to mitigate the increase in Teenage Pregnancy, Gender Based Violence (GBV) and exposure to Sexually Transmitted Diseases.


After due needs analysis carried out by the JCI GARDEN City team led by the committee Chairman on Helath Impact Projects along side the team members of MOGCI, in compliance with the JCI ACTION Framework, we accessed major causes of teenage Pregnancy and the challenge of Adolescent Girls and Young women in accessing adequate information on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights within Okrika Local Government Area in Rivers State.

On completion of the needs analysis we came to the conclusion alongside community stakeholders that the challenge faced by the Adolescent girls and young women is basically inadequate information on SRHR which must be addressed if the increase in Teenage pregnancy, Gender based Violence(GBV), HIV/AIDS and other related Sexually Transmitted Diseases must be checked.

We however focused on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).
Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) awareness campaign aims to achieve several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as Goals
NO 1. No Poverty
NO 2. Zero Hunger
NO 3. Good Health and Well-being
NO 4. Quality Education
NO 5. Gender Equality
NO 6. Clean Water and Sanitation
NO 10. Reduced Inequality
NO 17. Partnership.

To further achieve the Goals, illiteracy is also another leading cause of overpopulation, which fuels poverty and several other vices. Women and Girls are at the centre of dealing with these issues when empowered with adequate and upgraded knowledge.

Following an all inclusive and participatory method of teaching and learning, we impacted on our target population of Vulnerable Adolescent girls and young women.

The fastest approach for development and social Change is Enlightenment and Awareness Creation.

JCI Garden City collaborated with MOGCI a non for profit organisation focused on the development of Vulnerable girls and women; implemented this campaign and awareness project at Council Hall of Okrika Local Government Area in Rivers State, Nigeria on the 30th March 2021.

*Highlight :Sexual Reproductive Health Education and Enlightenment
- Focus Group Discussion (FGD): Five Groups: Women, Girls, Young Women, Boys, Men.
- WASH Activities
- Medical outreach
- Routine Check(BMI, BP, Blood Sugar Check and Malaria Test)
- HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing
- Referrals

*Targets: JCI Garden targeted 300 Adolescent Girls and Young women.

*Reached: - The project reached over 500 Adolescent Girls, Boys, Young Women, Men and Women with SRH Enlightenment
- 100 persons with Medical aid (Routine drugs and check)
- 65 persons screaned for HIV/AIDS, 33 Tested and 2 Confirmed positive.
- 2 persons referred for treatment, Care and Support

*Partnership: Sophike Medical Centre, Ebus Pharm, Prime Medical Consultants, Rivers State Youth Federation, Ministry of Information Rivers State, IDMIBOK, Arfh.

Participants were given Condoms, Sanitary Pads and Routine drugs as were donated by partners.

We are sure that this project will go a long way in impacting our community, expanding our brand visibility and achieving the SDGs2030.

This strategy considers sustainability of the impact of this project as well as increases demand for SRHR education among the deprived target.

Actions Taken

Collate available Database of Stakeholders and initiate Collaboration among stakeholders within the communities who are willing to offer SRHR, HIV/AIDS, GBV user friendly Services for the target group
Collaborate with NGOs and Stakeholders to partner with JCI Garden City in Making available free products and services to targets during project implementation
To liaise with partners in raising awareness on SRHR and taking actions during the project implementation to increase the awareness of the targets during and after project implementation
Lead a campaign on SRHR among Vulnerable girls and women in Okrika LGA


The project reached over 500 Adolescent Girls, Boys, Young Women, Men and Women with SRH Enlightenment
- 100 persons with Medical aid (Routine drugs and check)
- 65 persons screaned for HIV/AIDS, 33 Tested and 2 Confirmed positive.
- 2 persons referred for treatment, Care and Support.

We also developed a referral system where vulnerable girls can seek essential services on SRHR, HIV/AIDS, GBV and other medical Health services relatable to the targets.

During the campaign, a sustainable commitment was made on the part of Stakeholders especially men to sustain the gains of this project and to champion more in the future


We would encourage that more referral directories are developed, as well as engage religious and government bodies in sustaining the gains of this campaign.


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