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Zeina Hasan


From September 1 to October 18, 2020


members and the local community Media graduetes and students who are intresed in media

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Root cause

difficulty in reach.

Sustainable Development Goal

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


To initiate the first step by taking action in strengthening the image of media to push them to convey news with credibility and objectivity, conveying the correct image of media and the extent of its importance to the local community and enable the roles of young media professionals in the community


The fact that the media is the mirror of society, and has an essential role of transmitting the image to the world. It rather becomes the first authority when conflicts and disasters occur, thus it’s a very important and effective method to make meaningful impact in order to create a positive change. JCI Tartus Lunched Media forum project patronized by the Ministry of Information. Based on the main role played by the media in Syria this forum aims to shed light on the media issue in Syria and to achieve the goal of building and supporting the future.
The Forum was held in Shaheen Hotel consisting of various axes, with many representatives from the ministry of information, free media, and The Syrian Virtual University to share their expertise with the attendees from the faculty of information and people interested in the field. Each topic was introduced by a specialized facilitator, presenting the topic and asking question for aforementioned parties to answer and illustrate through their experience. followed by an interactive discussion between all of the participants and the beneficiaries, the topics were discussed as following in order to insure the intended impact:
1. Media support for the humanitarian response in Syria was presented by Waseem Al-Sakhleh a freelance blogger graduated from political science faculty

2. The role of the media in bridging the digital gap in the Arab region presented by the social activist Sarrah Khaddam the local vice president of the international area
3. Media marketing of opportunities and mobilizing the tendency to rebuild Syria. Presented by kasem Al Shaghouri a consultant for national NGO’s Bachelor holder from international relations.

Many influencers in the media faculty took part in the discussion expressing their ideas and sharing their opinions in order to intriguer interest from the beneficiaries and benefit them, such as Dr, Hala Asslan a TOYP holder as a pioneer in The academic leadership and accomplishment, in JCI world congress 2019. Intersessions with channels representatives and international expertise were conducted through Skype to contribute to the topics from different aspects related to the experience they gathered from their community.


After the forum was held many new connections were established between the beneficiaries the participating media institutions and their representatives which will maintain a strand of a relationship in order to facilitate future collaborations that serves the goal of the project. Other private media institutions realized the importance of their involvement in this matter and started to take small initiatives by paying more attention to the recommendations of the citizens that were expressed through our forum


Time management
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various types of diversity when it comes to the attendances' quality


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