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Lara Carbo

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JCI Tartus

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Lara Carbo


From October 26 to December 19, 2020


members and the local community

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Root cause

The members need a space to try and experience with the language, also to improve their debating and public speaking skills.

Sustainable Development Goal

Quality Education

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


To help the members and local community individuals improving their English skills and to establish good relations with people around the world


"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn’’. Benjamin Franklin
Today, we live in a global village where the virtual connection from anyone, living in any part of the world can be made in seconds.
Proceeding from this, we were inspired by the idea of the (English-Culture Campsite), taking into consideration the need and desire of many English learners wanting to develop their language skills, since conversing with native speakers is the best way to acquire and develop languages. But lack the access to individuals who practice the language natively, created an obstacle in the way of the language-acquiring journey which in the English-culture Campsite we did overcome. Furthermore, the significant role of the cultural exchange in this context, provides an opportunity to explore other backgrounds, traditions, customs, beliefs, societies, and much more.
Hence, such opportunities allow individuals to view the world from different and fresh perspectives along with broadening one’s horizons and increases the tendency of acceptance that will eventually make a significant contribution to the process of
As cultural exchanges give young people an important insight into other
perspectives it also encourages them to develop their own opinions and
And whilst some things just cannot be taught in a classroom, to some extent culture is one of them, we believe that the best way to learn about a country’s culture is to experience directly from the native people while being exposed to their native language.
Therefore, we thought of starting the international “English-culture exchanging camp” adding boundless energy, unique skills, languages, cultures, and genuine thrill to participants alongside developing and exchanging various experiences by holding online meetings using Zoom platform alongside Live regular meetings as a joint project among the following partners:
Mobaderoon Association
JCI Tartus Chapter
JCI London Chapter
Syrian British Center SBC
Solarabic Company
In order to provide the opportunity to promote international cultural
exchange and build an extensive network between people from different
backgrounds in a safe space for expressing ideas within an interactive
environment and therefore encouraging the practice of language.
The first session was Cultures and it took place on 19/10/2020 where JCI London hosted the session by providing free invitation on Zoom Application, Chantelle Quartey the 2020's Local President of JCI London facilitated the online campsite.
Session number two was about Theory of change 24/1/2020 also hosted by JCI London and Ingrid Nailsen the head of global communication for Let's do it campaign.
Another 8 sessions were presented on a platform provided by Solarabic. After the two first sessions The sessions were:
In addition to the online sessions there was 8 actually meetings between the Local participants of this project where they got to learn more about:
Module 1 Identity, Cultures, and
Module 2 Trust
Module 3 Positive inquest
Module 4 Dialogue
Module 5 Ubuntu, systems, and citizenship
Module 6 Psycho-social support
Module 7 Study of violence and peace


The best way to learn a language is by purposefully engaging already existing skills and communicating with native speakers; this was completely realized through the online discussion sessions which helped them hone their conversational skills profoundly
Furthermore, the training held on the guidelines of online project management provided practical knowledge that would be of great use down the road.


Careful research for expert facilitators
Time management
Choosing the best suited platforms for the participants


mahmoud Hasan +963 998 202 894 mahmoudhasan186@gmail.com

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