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Sean Chang

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Sean Chang


October 1, 2012


needy students in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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MDGs--To elevate the opportunities of education for needy children


To echo the UN MDGs-Achieve Universal Primary Education, JCI Taiwan initiated the stationery donation program in Taiwan and passed the love to the needy children in Cambodia. JCI Taiwan printed promotional materials and circulated the message through the website, and social media facebook to call for stationery donation in the beginning of January. In the meantime, JCI Taiwan started to contact and seek corporation from JCI Cambodia and searched for a local primary school for the donation program. After one and half a month, JCI Taiwan received many donations from all over Taiwan. At the end of February, JCI Taiwan National President Mr. Sean led a group and headed for local primary school ANG KROSA in Cambodia with packaged-stationery by box. JCI Taiwan successfully passed the love for Cambodian students and strengthened the relationship with JCI Cambodia through the corporation.

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