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Dr R I Rajidap Neshtar

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Dr R I Rajidap Neshtar


From June 1, 2020 to April 29, 2021


1 lakhs tree plantation 1 lakh seed balls distribution

Target population


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Sustainable Development Goal

Climate Action

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


Protecting, restoring and enhancing Western Ghats diminishing forest cover and responding to climate change by a combination of adaptation and mitigation measures


Our LOM known for its social welfare programmes. The project was designed for climate action as a sustainable solution for the mother of nature God and the living organisms. The review meetings were conducted for the project last Saturday of every month. Survey – A survey details and statistics were used for the study from Government of India’s Green Mission Project preview and the Western Ghats study was conducted randomly with statistics data of Forest department with the support of District forest office. Planning – This project was planned to plant 1 lakhs plant sapling in and around the local area and distribute seed balls also with free of cost and periodical assessment. Awareness program to be conducted once in a month. The team has been constituted which consists of Scientist, Plant Research Scholar, Forest officer, retired Agriculture officer and the Project Co-Ordinator. The proposed activities were well planned and executed. Execution: The Projects were executed as per the plan by nominating by the implementing agency Edu-Tech Organisations at Vettuvenni, Marthandam. Well planning is half done; the proposed activities were well planned in advance. Review – Periodical assessment and review is done on the last day of every month by the project co ordinator JC. Dr. R.I.Rajidap Neshtar of the LOM.


*We planted more than 1 lakh plant saplings with the help of local community peoples and students with LOM members for Growth in forest and increase the quality of forest cover for a variety of forests and their ecosystems
*Prepared more than 1 lakhs seed balls in home by traditionally and given employment opportunity for house wife. The highlight is to improve density of Western Ghats forest
* its a great initiative for the sustainable solution for climate action by planting trees

*To be expected as a long term result
Ecological restoration
Increase in forest cover in urban areas and its outskirts – 0.20 million hectares.
Increase in forest and tree cover on marginal agricultural lands/fallows and other non-forest lands which comes under agroforestry – 3 million hectares.
Increase forest-based livelihood income for about 3 million households in and around these forest areas.
Increase Carbon Dioxide sequestration
sustainable solution for climate action by planting trees


This is a one of the major impact created project in our local community



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