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Javkhaa Byambaa


From December 12, 2018 to May 1, 2021


SME Business owning members

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Sustainable Development Goal

Decent Work and Economic Growth

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Education and Economic Empowerment


To help and promote SMEs to overcome COVID19 crisis and support national economy.


"JCI Mongolia has 1120 members and 15 chambers in Mongolia. About 70 percent of all JCI Mongolia members are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) owners and start-up developers who make up to 25 percent of the gross amount of Mongolian business owners.
SMEs in Mongolia generate 48 percent of the whole national gross domestic product.
About 70 percent of our members join JCI with reasons to join a community, make friends, and promote their businesses.

Recognizing this need and as SMEs are crucial to the economy of the nation, we initiated a project to promote inclusive and
sustainable economic growth through our members’ businesses and collaborate in between.

The CoupOne project is video content that introduces businesses to fellow JCI members. We focus on promoting business from the value and principle. "

Actions Taken

As JCI's Plan of Action focuses on advancing sustainable impact through the power of youth, unite the passion of people to motivate bold action, accelerate transformation by investing in technological, financial and human resources, foster collaborative culture in a dynamic world and connect all individuals who strive to create positive changes. More than 70 percent of JCI Mongolia's members are entrepreneurs and business executives. By introducing internationally used “Coupon” system to this project and making “CoupONE” a promoting channel and a multi-beneficial ONE channel, we plan to make a real investment in the business and contribute to the local economy through taxes and other things. CoupOne project supports sustainable economic growth through business collaboration between members, reduces burdening of SMEs marketing budget, and helps businesses overcoming pandemic crisis by transforming their marketings to digital and social platforms.


The CoupONE project is implemented within the internal group of JCI Mongolia members and is advertised on the Facebook page with more than 19,500 followers. By 2021, the video content of the CoupONE project has become the most viewed content on JCI Mongolia's internal group of members.


Assuming that more than 70 percent of JCI Mongolia's members are entrepreneurs, one member per week, or about 50 members per year, will promote their business, making it a long-term project that will last more than 16 years. The long-term effect of the CoupONE is like the Coupon system, which is widely used internationally. It becomes not only an advertising channel but also a mutually beneficial ONE channel between business and consumers, will make a real investment in members' businesses, and contribute to the local economy through taxes and other things.


JCI Grand Project Director of CoupOne Tegshjargal

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