Circle the Island and Nothing but Net


Yuan-Kai Chiu

Local organization

JCI PingChien

National organization



Yuan-Kai Chiu


October 1, 2012


Those who need " Nothing but Net" donation

People impacted



To promote the program "Nothing but Net" and the concept of " Health and Charity"


To echo the 2012 slogan of JCI Taiwan” To be Healthy, To Do Charity, To be International”, JCI Taiwan National President Mr. Sean Chang called on this program” Circle the Island and Nothing but Net”   It started right on March 29th , which was a “JC Day” for JCI Taiwan. All the cyclists wore JC forms and brought the posters of Nothing but Net and started cycling from National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei city. They circled along the western Taiwan and held press conferences in the main big cities like Taipei, Hsin Chiu to introduce what JCI is and promote the program ”Nothing but Net” to the public. After four days of cycling, all the cyclists came to an end in Kaohsiung city.

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