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sudhamayi chintha


From January 10 to April 10, 2021


6-60 year old healthy individuals, JCI local organization members, NGOs, passion driven youth, fitness coaches.

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Sustainable Development Goal

Good Health and Well-Being

Development stage

Health and Wellness


The purpose of this project is to reach the public through fitness sessions like ZUMBA AND AEROBICS in open spaces thereby contributing to community wellness, spreading the spirit of JCI, fundraising for a cause, and enable local organization membership drive for 2021


This highly impactful community development project was initiated under SDG GOAL 3- GOOD HEALTH AND WELLBEING, SDG GOAL- 17.

In compliance with JCI Active Citizenship Framework, JCI Rajahmundry New Horizons team 2021 has conducted a survey and needs analysis.
1. Detailed understanding of root cause, wherein lack of physical activity in individuals in their daily routine due to no outdoor activities during co-vid 19 outbreak leading to depression, mood swings, and negative behavioural changes were predominantly identified. Post-Covid many sections of communities in the city were on the lookout for fun and exercise cum social activities to keep them engaged and active.
2. The objective was to extend our JCI brand value across communities as well to promote all-round awareness of fitness and good health. JCI Rajahmundry New Horizons has come up with a roadmap to sustainable and creative solutions for this surveyed community challenge. Since music and group exercises create happiness quotient and motivation to stick to their daily fitness regime. We have designed this project with music-based workouts- ZUMBA and aerobics suitable for all ages.
3. DEVELOPING an Effective Plan to take Concrete Actions, and EVALUATING the Impact, and finally CREATING POSITIVE CHANGES, this gave birth to “ZUMBA FOR A CAUSE”. The 1st fitness session was conducted on 10th JAN 2021 in public park with a huge number of turn up from every corner of the city.
4. The cause has been inducted into these fitness sessions, to create credibility and authorization towards community impact and for spreading JCI MISSION and VISION which is for creating positive change in people with this project.
5. In order to enhance and deepen the sphere of influence to promote Social workouts to stay fit and happy, a very comprehensive project namely ZUMBA FOR A CAUSE has been launched.
6.Zumba for a cause by the local organization is a combination of various other activities that includes awareness programs in the community to promote the importance of social connections despite physical distancing, advocating time-tested measures to promote good health and mental well-being,
JCI Rajahmundry New horizons strongly believed that organizational leadership has a crucial role to play in ensuring the project to be recognized with impact. It has adopted ACTIVE CITIZEN FRAMEWORK integrating with SDG GOALS- GOOD HEALTH AND WELL BEING, GOAL 17 PARTNERSHIP towards goals to make community development and impact sustainable

Zumba for a Cause is developed in 2 stages,
Stage 1.
-Organising fitness sessions for youth and women leading to funds raise and partnering with community stake holders .
-Community empowerment through wellness campaigns and awareness on social stigma topics.
-Media coverage and social media outreach has soared up with each session. We have successfully got connected to community workers who want to have our support and collaborations in joining hands with various wellness programs at their locations.
Stage 2.
- To develop further permanent community impact projects like setting up baby feeding kiosks and child security rooms at city bus station and railway stations with the raised funds
The project has brought local attention to our project's Core Value. We are connecting JCI to the Community directly and CREATE Positive Change in people’s hearts with this message: Good health and wellness for community impact

Actions Taken

Our project revolved around 4 main wellness activities, which are: Fit Sunday- Fun Sunday: Social workouts for a cause– Zumba in public parks and open spaces wherein participants of all ages are welcomed to take part in 2hours of free ZUMBA and aerobics workout. This program is exclusively to raise funds, meet future members and the financial surplus were used to organize other wellness campaigns. Wellness Wednesday: Yoga and meditation for school children to boost immunity and good health. Red Dot Campaign: We have conducted Interactive sessions for teen girls to make them speak about their periods without any shame associated with it. Red ink dots are smeared on the participant's palms and asked to show during the sessions which make the girls feel more empowered and ready to accept this natural process with more positivity and grace. Hi 5 to Handwash- 6 steps to hand wash drill to prevent the rapid spread of infections in school goers. The drill is performed in local government schools and gatherings to educate children on the importance of 20 secs of hand wash. -Along with our wellness campaigns, the project will be further developed for stage 2, for community impact projects such as setting up feeding rooms in public places, wherein the surplus finances are utilized for executing the plan of action -As the project has created better community impact in its 1st stage of planning and execution, though excellent PR, lead to generating 10% growth in membership thereby strengthened local organization funds. These funds are utilized for conducting skill-oriented and individual development programs for members which will directly increase the growth of local organization and its brand.


ZUMBA FOR A CAUSE has generated massive PR in public as well as in social media in due course of time, and we are aiming to reach the target audience of 2,000 people by end of the year. The entire team is highly motivated to come up with more such fitness sessions for public health all free of costs. ZUMBA FOR A CAUSE has created huge awareness for staying fit and healthy, boosting up immunity as well as becoming proactive in local organization's activities by community partnerships.

Existing members' active participation will enable them to learn new skills with event planning and execution as per the active citizen framework.

More new members are impacted directly or indirectly through this wellness project under SDG GOAL 3 AND SDG 17.

Needy and underprivileged communities will be provided with medical aid provision through many more such fundraising events.


-Repetition of fitness sessions to ensure healthy habits, behavioral attitude towards fitness amongst the public.

-Online Zumba sessions for the public can also be planned in case of curfews or city closures.

-To replicate this project all over national-level organizations through online mode wherever internet is accessible will create impact throughout different regions

-To promote and allow replication of the idea of community development for good health and wellbeing so it becomes self-sustainable to other Local Organizations/NGOs in every city, town, and area to bring positive change

-To further spread awareness about this project in and around city premises through health camps

-To attract more corporations, organizations, and sponsors to collaborate and invest in our project so that we can expand our impact to wider locations.


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