JCI Village Orphan Aid Project 2021


Rezwanur Rahman

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JCI Dhaka Uptown

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Rezwanur Rahman


From February 4 to April 13, 2021


Orphans and Semi-Orphan

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Sustainable Development Goal

Good Health and Well-Being

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


The duration of the project is 6 (six) months that includes stages like identifying, pre-screening, counseling, adopting and training of the orphans and handover the custodian to a local orphanage along with project collaterals on an day we named it as the "Activation Day".


An estimated 8 million to 10 million infants and children live in orphanages around the world (Ahern, 2013). The orphan problem is rampant in Asia and Africa (Orphan Hope International, 2015). The practice of placing deprived children in orphanages has long been prevailing in socio-economically poor Asian countries (Mashkoor & Ganesan, 2016).

In Bangladesh, approximately 11.6 percent of the total population are children aged 0-4 years, 13.2 percent are children aged 5-9 years and 12.6 percent are children aged 10-14 years. Therefore, approximately 4 percent of the total children aged 0-14 years are orphans which constitute over 8 million orphaned children in Bangladesh. (UNICEF, Investing in Vulnerable Children, 2010)

These orphan children are left without care and protection as a result of the re-marriage of deserted, widowed, divorced mothers, a lack of affection and security in the family, family conflicts, HIV/AIDS-related deaths, and unwanted pregnancy of trafficking or sexually exploited girls. Most of them usually engage in rag picking, pickpocketing, and other antisocial and illegal activities.

Some of these children work long hours in dangerous conditions, earning pennies to survive. The majority of orphanages in Bangladesh are overcrowded and just don’t have enough room for the millions of children, meaning that many orphans have to rummage through landfills for food or turn to petty crime or other dangerous activities.

A combination of political upheaval, natural disasters, and extreme poverty has left these children alone and vulnerable; and the situation in Bangladesh has only become more precarious in recent times.

We aim to mainstream these children into society by providing care, support & protection through food, education and shelter at one of the orphan homes situated in our project area JCI Village through Orphan Aid Project 2021. The project proposed in this scheme also has the intention to provide additional funding for the orphan children's home's building operations.

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Actions Taken

We have been identifying orphans in the project area for quite a long time. As a part of a proposed action plan, we will finalize the list of orphans of our project area, pre-screen them, counsel and prepare them mentally in adapting the environment of orphan homes, and ensure lodging and boarding in that local orphanage. Intervention wise activities include but not limited to: • Identification of orphan and semi orphans in our project area • Pre-view of the incoming orphan children problem and difficulties faced • Emotional acceptance of the child • Establishment of facilities for basic education i.e., library and computer • Lodging and boarding facilities • Ensuring food for orphans by means of cash/kind donation for food expenses • Primary health treatment package through Health & COVID19 Awareness Camps


We found that 4 out of 17 major points of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) outlined by UNDP in 2017. Also here are some of our expected results estimated:
• Short Term Impact: We are expecting to rehabilitate 115 orphans from our project area. We will try to ensure a year of expense for their food, shelter, and education.
• Long Term Impact: There will be a positive change in the lives of these orphans. They will receive love and affection; their conscience will improve as they will become valuable members of society. They would be inspired by philanthropy and reflect humanity in their relationships with others.
• Moreover, the project proposed in this scheme also has the intention to provide additional funding for the orphan children's home's building operations and perpetual funding through similar projects in the future as well as continue these initiatives at the JCI Village.

The impact of this project will be measured based on the need assessment we have done earlier and to be compared in the percentage of how much of the target we have achieved, which include:
• How many orphans we are able to adapt and admit in a local orphan home at JCI Village.
• How much fund will we be able to secure for their food and shelter needs.
• Our ability to establish a library with computers and internet connection in part fulfillment of their need for education.
• Target achieved at the end of the Activation Day which is on 13 April 2021 and at the end of the year.


• Recommendation for Food Fundraiser: Adding up 40 new orphans, there will be a total of 350 children. Currently, this orphanage authority finds the proper food as the major need for its residents. We recommend that raising funds for food should be the highest of priorities.
• Recommendation for Shelter Development: Another challenge for this orphan home is the adequate lodging for these new residents. Due to the fund crisis, few stages in the existing construction of this home i.e., walls, doors, and window works are yet to complete. For new intake, completion of these existing construction work is mandatory. We recommend finding donators and partners to support this initiative through cash and kind.
• Recommendation for Education: The establishment of a library facility is crucial. As the new orphans get admitted and stepping into a new class, the introduction of new books and educational materials is important. We recommend that we provide educational materials for these young learners by setting up a small library with computers, books, bookshelves, and seating arrangements.


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