Innovative Entrepreneurs Awards


Winston Lin

Local organization

JCI City

National organization

Hong Kong


Winston Lin


September 28, 2012


Entrepreneurs, students and JCI members

People impacted



• To recognize the achievement and ideas of innovative entrepreneurs or innovative enterprisers; • To recognize the contribution of innovative entrepreneurs or innovative enterprisers to society and the economy; • To provide an opportunity for people who aim to start their businesses to learn from model successful entrepreneurs; and • To encourage and arouse the public to start their business with innovation.


With more than 16 years of experience, the project in 2012 was a successful one. We successfully created buzz to promote the event. Although we did not meet the target number of contestants, we were appraised due to the fact that the quality of contestants was enhanced from previous years. We also focus on getting more media coverage this year and we did it without paying more. We successfully coordinated with a few media sponsors to promote the project this year. In conclusion, the project not only promote innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, it also provided opportunities to young people to empower themselves by learning from the experienced entrepreneurs.


After discussion with the organization committees and judging panel, we summarized the room for improvement in the following: - Enhance promotion internally to obtain involvement from more JCI members - Increase the number of contestants through enhancing public recognition of this event through promotions, through paid ads and free ads from sponsor - Allow a more active role from partners. We understand that there is a limit to our power and it is not required to do everything ourselves. With the right leadership skill, we can host a better project through active cooperation with other organizations. - Set up a more established communicated among organization committees among the 3 stages. - Establish a better communication channel with supporting organizations and judging panel.


We set up the measurement criteria before the project started in January 2012. Due to the fact that the nature of impact on local economy from this project is long term, such as empowering young people and promoting successfully entrepreneur, we measure the impact through achievement. Firstly, we did not stop after the award ceremony. We play an active role in supporting Innovation Entrepreneur Association. It is an organization that group together all past awardees of Innovative Entrepreneur Award. It hosts various activities to promote local economy. For example, it hosted Cross Industry Matching showcase to connect design companies with manufacturing companies. Secondly, we encourage young people to connect with awardees. We organized Shadow Entrepreneur to allow young people to practice the theories learned in school in writing a business plan. The awardees evaluated these business plans and provided comments to these young people.

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