Amazing City Haircut Day


Winston Lin

Local organization

JCI City

National organization

Hong Kong


Winston Lin


September 28, 2012


1000 elders and 30 schoolmates of ethnic minorities

People impacted



Amazing City Haircut Day would like 1) To convey the message of “Care the Community without Boundaries” to the community 2) To arouse the awareness of caring elderly in our community 3) To enable young people and foreigners to care elders and the community 4) To help ethnic minorities (小數族裔) integrate to the community 5) To enrich young people self-identification and sense of belonging to Community


JCI City started planning Community Project on the end of 2011 Brain Storming and Reading Newspaper We have screen out few project themes and start read newspaper to analyze the need of Community Find Partner After final confirmation “Amazing City Haircut Day”, we have decided to make the partnership first. In Feb 2012, we successes invited the largest elder service organization - The Hong Kong Society for the Aged and the largest hair stylist association – The Hong Kong Association of Hair Design as Co-organization Find Sponsor, Venue and Volunteer As the Theme is “Care the Community without Boundaries” , we decided to invite ethnic minorities parties involve in this project. Finally, we have successes got the sponsor from India accountant firm; Venue and Volunteer support from lslam Secondary School Diversify Elder Service We want provide more service to Elders, we successes invited many Commercial Company to provide Body Check, Nutrition Consultation, Physical Therapy, Chinese Doctor Consultation and Makeup Service to our Elders Management of Different Parties and Volunteers After everything is ready, we only need to do coordinate and manage different parties to bring their talent out. We have experience totally over thousand email communication, Whatsapp Message, Meeting and Rehearsal to make the thing happened well Finally the project have been successfully executed on 9th July 2012 and many appreciation come from different parties


Use of Mass Media After successes of “Amazing City Haircut Day, We have a lot of exposure from TV Channel, Newspaper etc… However, we only have mini-bus and TV promotion before the haircut day, it would be better if more exposure on newspaper or in district NGO office before the haircut day Cooperation with Local District Council Office or Government Conflict with Date of Shift of Government, we haven’t considerate to invite government district office to support the haircut day. It definitely more powerful service support from Government Number of Salon This is the first time organize haircut service for elders, Only 33 Salons support “Amazing City Haircut Day”. More Salons will join if we organize this service continuously. Number of Elders Beneficiary 33 salons and the Ceremony serve elders at the same time, to avoid disorder, so we only serve 1000 elders this year, if we have more experience and reputation, then we could serve more elders Sharing of Elder and Schoolmate This is very meaningful project and many appreciations from different parties, elders and schoolmate of ethnic minorities, we could invite them to share their experience in JC activity to upgrade JC image Limitation of School’s Hall Hall of school is relative small, so there are some disorder when elders line up for different service Members Involvement Only 33 member involved in the project, compared with our chapter’s size, it is relatively small proportion, it will be better if the haircut day is held at holiday.


Promote JCI City to Public and Build up charitable image JCI City successes promoted themselves to public because of high exposure, through these media channel, our message “Care the Community without Boundaries” was convey to the community and the charitable image of CJC is built in the society Buildup good relationship with Co-Organization Most of these 50 different parties satisfied with this project and keen to provide support in the future. These strong networks are useful to develop more community development programs Enhance Sense of Belonging of Members 5 OCs inducted as Ordinary Member, and 5 OCs will join board of Directors in 2013 Members Training By organizing project, JCI City members could improve their skills including promotion, handling of public relation and project management etc Inspire members about social responsibility Members have improved their sensibility of social societal problems and knowledge of community dynamics in solving these problems through organizing community service program.

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