innoBrand 2012 - "Branding Everywhere"


Eric Lo

Local organization

JCI Victoria

National organization

Hong Kong


Eric Lo


September 28, 2012


JCI Victoria, JCIHK, Organizing Committee, Co-organizer – Hong Kong Productive Council, Sponsors, Supporting Organizations, Enterprises, marketers, designers, IT experts, speakers, judges, awardees.

People impacted



1)Stimulate awareness about the importance of innovative branding strategy and its application to SMEs in Hong Kong 2)Recognize outstanding mobile branding strategy from Hong Kong and Southern China SMEs 3)Provide practical knowledge and experience sharing on how to develop successful branded apps strategies, and its application for Hong Kong and Southern China SMEs 4) Promote networking and business opportunities for entrepreneurs, markers and IT experts 5)Encourage enterprises to enhance their corporate branding and market positioning 6)Establish a business start-up platform for young digital marketing designers & brand consultants 7)Enhance publicity & brand image of JCI Victoria, our co-organizers, supporting organizations and sponsors in supporting Hong Kong and Southern China business


1. Solicited sponsors from listed companies such as, La Milky Way 2. Solicited 23+ organizations as external stakeholders 3. The winning team was awarded the chance to work with start-up fund to develop their entry into business 4. Widely promoted by means of magazine, social media, Youtube, Mobile app, website (Government, JCI Victoria, innobrand), leaflet and mass email distribution from supporting organizations, and internal JCIHK circulation 5. More than 200 participants attended the seminars 6. More than 30 logo competition entries were received, 2 of which were selected as the winning entries 7. Legislative councilor (IT industry) was invited as guest of honor at opening ceremony and closing cum award ceremony. 8. Booklet was published which documented the highlights of the project

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