21st Children Silver Tongue Contest


Karen Yeung


January 21, 2013


Hong Kong Primary 5 and 6 students, Secondary 4-6 students

People impacted



(1) Train up student reading, speaking, listening & writing skill in Cantonese, Putonghua & English. (2) Train up their critical thinking (3) Moral Education


21st Children Silver Tongue Contest originated to promote the awareness of language skills of Hong Kong students, and in recent years, we started to bring social issues and moral topic to the contest. We believe that, language skill is the fundamental element of how you communicate with others. With good communication and presentation skills, it would help us to express our opinions clearly, give comments precisely and lead the progress effectively. We noticed that young people nowadays highly involve in public affairs, in the way of protest, joining the public open forum, writing letters or proposal, and even speak up in the internet. It is a signal for us to train up our future leaders their analytic skill, communication skills, and critical thinking.

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