Love of the Earth 2012: Know Carbon, No Carbon


Chi Shu Monique Man

Local organization

JCI Sha Tin

National organization

Hong Kong


Chi Shu Monique Man


October 22, 2012


1) Participants, 2) Supporting organizations, 3) corporate sponsors, 4) sub-organizations 5) General public/ environment, 6) JCI Sha Tin, 7) Members in JCI Sha Tin & JCIHK

People impacted



1) to promote low-carbon life for better environment 2) to raise people’s awareness that many scenic spots and facilities in Shatin district and Hong Kong 3) to promote the positive images of JCI to participants and let general public understand JCI 4) to increase JCI Sha Tin members’ sense of belonging to JCI Sha Tin


Love of the Earth 2012 : Know Carbon, No Carbon – Treasure Hunt Day to promote low-carbon life through the treasure hunt-based experiential learning game competition.


1) Start applying for the sponsorship in November 2) More cooperation with university for more manpower and promotion 3) keep promoting with celebrity for promotion 4) should pay more attention to the rules and regulations in the treasure hunt in order to avoid potential injustices.!


1) Promoted low-carbon life message to all participants and a large group of non-participated Hong Kong citizens 2) Modified the behaviors of participants, raised awareness and educated on their carbon footprint 3) Trained up members of JCI Sha Tin to organize the flagship project of our chapter 4) Promoted JCI, JCI Hong Kong and JCI Sha Tin to the public and participants 5) Enhanced the cohesion of JCI Sha Tin

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