Family Harmony 2012


Hung Yi Kenny Lo

Local organization

JCI East Kowloon

National organization

Hong Kong


Hung Yi Kenny Lo


September 28, 2012


JCI HK, JC EK, JC EK members, local community

People impacted



Family issues have been the object of increasing attention in the United Nations since the 1980s. In resolution to this issue, the United Nations have set 15 May each year as the International Day of Family. In observance with UN International Day of Family, JCI East Kowloon have organized a Social Development Plan, namely Family Harmony, to promote to the community the importance of the family as a basic unit of, as well as to increase public awareness of the social, economic and demographic issues affecting families. The theme of 2012 Family Harmony is Ensuring Work Life Balance. On 15 May International Day of Family, we encouraged the public to put aside work and spend time with their families. The objective of the project is to:

  • Arouse Family Harmony to public
  • Observence UN International Day of the Family
  • To be a training program for members about Active Citizen Framework
  • Promote JC members as an active citizen to public
  • Ride on UN International Days for JCI Brand building

  • Overview

    Beginning in 2005, the Social Development Plan of Family Harmony is now in its seventh year. In the past, Family Harmony was conducted in various ways, such as carnival, video design competition, family blood donation campaign, and card design. JCI East Kowloon is committed to promote the spirit of harmonious family. This year, the Chapter has conducted a research to investigate the work life balance of the people in Hong Kong. Over 250 questionnaires have been collected and the result was announced in the Press Conference held in May 2012. The survey results have been reported by two local newspapers. After the result was announced, a photo competition with the theme of family get together was organized to encourage the community to spend more time with their family and take photos to capture the precise moments. Lastly, we have scheduled to organize an award presentation at the end of September to announce the winner of the photo competition.


    To have a better reputation, we will cooperate with other famous NGOs such as The Hong Kong Council of Social Services and government organization such as Family Council as supporting organization, so that more resources and manpower can be used and get a bigger impact to our community.

  • To invite more famous celebrity to be our ambassador so that they can help us to promote our project, our project’s message can be more easily to deliver to each Hong Kong citizen.
  • To make the project scale larger, we need to have a steady and healthy financial status and control, we need to found out more sponsor and funding from private and public organization so that it can increase our resource to do our project. Besides this, we need to spend each penny carefully because it can make us fail easy if we do not make good use of our money.
  • To have a better planning, we need to do more research so that we can define more accurate people concern topic. We can attract to Hong Kong people to face up to the community issue.
  • To invite more experienced member to give advice so that the committee member can reduce any mistake. It also can help the organizing committee to keep in a right track.

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