Love & Dreambird - Enhancing Employment Opportunity for People with Disability Programme


Wing Cheung Cheng


October 22, 2012


340,000 people with disabilities and their families, JCI TPS members, 1,700 JCIHK members, over 250 private and social service companies, and all Hong Kong people

People impacted



This Community Empowerment Program is a Campaign of Seeking Employment for People with Disabilities. We aim at conveying the following messages of hope to the general public:

Direct benefits to the disabilities:

=> Encourage the business and social services sectors to provide sustainable job vacancies and outsourcing contracts to the disabled.

Strategic promotion to the public and all sections through partnership:

=> Promote a harmonic cohesive society by strategic partnership with private companies and civil society organizations to multiply the impact.

=>Promote equitable employment opportunities of the disabled to employers and recognize disabled as valuable assets of the community and have contribution in the development of the society.

=>Arouse government to have in-depth awareness and actions on disabilities employment issues.


We believe everyone has the equal working opportunities and people with disabilities could also be our valuable social capital as well.

Though our project: “Love & Dreambird - Enhancing Employment Opportunity for People with Disability Programme”, JCI TPS takes a significant step to arise public attention on the employment needs of people with disabilities and position JCI TPS as a caring organization and impact to community to create a better world.

To share our value and demonstrate our commitment to the society, we invited Hong Kong Caritas Rehabilitation Service to co-organize the project for strategic partnership.


We strongly consider, with the participation of our JCI TPS members, continuously improve our project scales, administration and training to members, to embark on a new strategic plan and put this meaning project to a sustainable impact to the community.

Project Scale:

  • Promotion penetrations on targeted company segments
  • People with Disabilities Volunteer Day
  • Liaise with government body
  • Strengthen the partnership

Project Administration:

  • To encourage more OC members to participate in this meaningful project, we recommend restructuring the organizational formation to match with extending project scale in future. We may divide each event into each individual sub-project to encourage more chances for being chairmanship and provide more learning opportunities to members.

Training to Members:

  • All our OC members are having 1 year of JC experience. Continuous training to members is essential to cultivate good learning atmosphere in JCI TPS and acquire know-how to create positive change and impact the community.
  • We highly recommend and encourage members to take JCI Impact training course in nearly future, and/or continuously self-study the materials provided in JCI website and journal, so as to get ready to apply the JCI Active Citizen Framework as a methodology to implement the project.


Completed all the modules and survey.

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