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Felix Vega

Local organization

JCI Sabana Grande

National organization

Puerto Rico


Felix Vega


September 30, 2012


The projects impacts approximately 250 people of the community.

People impacted



a.To promote JCI Humacao and JCI Puerto Rico as an alternative to create positive changes in our community by developing our mission and values precepts. b.To provide the community the opportunity to obtain health services direct from government and private sector. c.To provide young people of local college the opportunity to put their knowledge in practice to the service of the community. d.To provide elders bedridden patients of the community with first need products. Also we like to personally meet the needs of these patients and identify by ourselves the services required. e.To encourage young people to take action for the environment by including them in Beach Cleaning and Reforestation. f.To empower young people of PECES Program of their community, so they can be an example for their friends and family.


Punta Santiago is a coastal community in Humacao, Puerto Rico, basically living from fishing. The community has a great need for economic and educational development. A large number of young people have dropped out from school; and this is the reason why a Special Program called PECES was created in the community. This program provides an opportunity for young people between 15 and 21 years old to graduate from high school. In addition the community has a large number of elderly people in great need of affection and health services.


First of all our Local Organization acquires relevant experience from planning projects and overcome different situations. Also this project gives us the opportunity to identify different needs that elders of the community have, and will help us to develop further project oriented to empower young citizens of the community to help them. We think that every change starts by a step. From now we create awareness of the problems in the community and we start to impact the people who live there. Now, we are working to create sostenible solutions to make these projects part of the life of Punta Santiago. People of the community taking care of the problems of health, clean areas, and educational situations of Punta Santiago.

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