JCI Whitehorse Maroondah / Eastern Poverty & Hope 2011 Art Exhibition


Suzi Chen


September 26, 2012


community members, JCI members, children

People impacted



1) To support UN's initiative and raise awareness about extreme poverty and malaria in the local community 2) To encourage community integration through creative expression


Extreme poverty and hunger is an issue that we often ignore in Australia. According to the World Bank, as of 2005, estimated 1.4 billion people earn less than USD$1.25 per day. To make things worse, these developing countries are often struck by preventable diseases such as malaria, an infectious disease, transmitted by mosquito bites. It is so prevalent that one child dies of malaria every 30 seconds and more than 1 million people die from malaria each year. Malaria accounts for USD$12 billion every year in health are costs and loss in productivity. The social impact of malaria is significant. Proudly supported by the Monash City Council, JCI Whitehorse Maroondah (aka Eastern) joined the United Nations Foundation to raise awareness across the globe about the dire situation. Supporting United Nation's fight against extreme poverty, JCI Whitehorse Maroondah’s (aka JCI Eastern) "Poverty & Hope" community art exhibition invited art entries that examine the impact of extreme poverty on our society. Selected entries were exhibited in November 2011 at the Highway Gallery, Mt Waverley.


1) The event "Poverty & Me" was well received. 2) A community art exhibition was held for two weeks in November 2011 at the Highway Gallery, Mt Waverley. We had improved community's understanding of extreme poverty and malaria through this event. 3) The Mayor of the Monash City Council opened the exhibition, which attracted local artists and community members. 4) The opening of the exhibition brought local communities together as it involved local council, local musicians, volunteers, artists and visitors. 5) The chapter also utilised the opportunity to engage new volunteers, who later became local members.

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