Lets Beat Dengue


Xaviera L. Arnhem

Local organization

JCI Urban

National organization



Xaviera L. Arnhem


September 30, 2012


The community of Tuinstad, Lelydorp, Wanica

People impacted



The main objective of this project was to create more awareness about Dengue threat amongst the people of Tuinstad, Lelydorp (the capital city of the district Wanica). Also they were informed on how to effectively fight Dengue. As part of this objectives, also a big cleaning up was organized, since the best way to combat Dengue is to clean up (potential) breeding sites. A second objective of this project was to create more exposure for JCI Urban, which is a very new local organization and the first in the District of Wanica. This project was used (with success) to show the community what JCI does and to recruit new members.


The idea for this project came out from a meeting with PAHO Suriname, who asked to run a program on Dengue awareness, since Dengue is one of the health threats in Wanica, where JCI Urban operates. After the meeting with PAHO, a number of meetings were held with community organizations and local government. After a preparation, the project started of with a teach in for local members and people from the community, and 3 days of visiting about 80 households to tell them about how they can take an active role in the fight against Dengue.


We recommend to organize this project every year, in much more communities across the country.


- JCI Urban received a lot of recognition from other organizations in the community about the effectiveness and the professionalism of the project. - Already discussions has started with other organisations on how to make this a nationwide project - Also, JCI Urban got a lot of media exposure and - Young people of Wanica became more interested.

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