Dengue Free Classroom


Randolf Ivan Antonio Ruste


October 5, 2012


School Children

People impacted



This project aims in educating the people especially children on "Dengue" which is a widespread viral disease that has become a leading cause of child mortality in most parts of the country. It is transmitted by the bite of an Aedes mosquito infected with any one of the four dengue viruses. During the rainy season cases of dengue shoot up and majority of the children who are infected acquires the virus in their school-classrooms. With an alarming rate of 70,000 cases each year with as high as 2.5% child mortality due to the virus, the JCI Philippines introduced a new flagship project called Dengue Free Classroom.


Annually the Philippines have been plagued by a dengue disease especially among its young population wherein they are the most inflicted by the disease. This project was conceptualized based on reports from health department of the Philippines due to the dengue outbreak that happens yearly, through the spreading awareness among those who are most vulnerable to this disease – the slum or squatters areas in the Philippines – where this originated from and preventive measures on how to control the mosquito carrying dengue disease from laying eggs and multiplying the dengue it carries within the archipelago.


Since the project was on its first year of its implementation only few LOs have responded due to limited resources. It is highly recommended to have partnership with Rural Health Centers of Local Governments Units and to the Deparment of Health to get support on the said project.


With the implmentation of the project within its three months implementation (May and July) we were able to established or adopt "JCI Cares - Dengue Classrooms" in some schools in the selected areas on the key cities around the country. Said classrooms will be for continous use for school children in their education of the prevention and effects Dengue therby reducing malaria cases in the country.

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