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Alexander Chok

Local organization

JCI Tawau

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Alexander Chok


October 3, 2012


JCI Nothing But Nets campaign, local schools and communities.

People impacted



1. Raise funds for local communities such as schools and orphanage. 2. Raise funds for JCI Nothing but Nets. 3. Promote JCI Malaysia to the public. 4. Involve all 4 areas of JCI Malaysia in the same Publicity/ community project.


The Miss JCI Malaysia Ambassador debuts in 2012 as our flagship publicity project in line with our emphasis this year to raise awareness amongst the public about our organization. This project reaches out to people from all walks of life to participate in or support the events which will be held in all Areas of JCI Malaysia, thus ensuring the involvement of the public and as many of our members as possible. We are indeed very fortunate to have all four Areas involved as the success of the Finals during our ANC in Langkawi hinges on this. So far all 4 Areas have successfully held their per-finals and will send their top 3 finalist to compete at our National Convention.


-Emphasis on raising funds through the event for local communities and charities will encourage more positive response from sponsors.


1. Raised USD15,000 for JCI Nothing But Nets and Local schools and orphanage. 2. Promote JCI to the public with more than 1000 attendance from the public in the pre-finals. 3. Getting all Four Areas of JCI Malaysia to work together on a common project.

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