Koos Kooli!


Raili Naris


October 4, 2012


Childrens of big families, who went in 1-st class in 2012, Sept.1-st

People impacted



We give to children of big families in 1-st class of new school bag together with the necessary educational materials.


Raised funds for different charitable events in Estonia. In addition to the weekly charitable auctions held in our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/#!/kooskooli) . The products that we put on the auction, we got it from our sponsors. End of last week in June to late August we had a project advertisement, invitation to all to donate in three Estonian TV channels in every hour of the procedure. Our 40 cash-collection boxes were placed over the two Estonian major retail chains.Our direct donation phone number 9007725 was opened 2 months.


Economically, more well-off countries can contribute to the collection of school supplies for children in the developing countries. Also, our project has initial capital to 2013 project. In the future we can balance distributed to the children in the project difficult to implement. We are sure to find also foreign partners.


We raised € 16,000. We have received educational materials purchased with school bags to 350 children. Childrens and our charity-dream comes true!

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