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Alexandra Vanhamme


October 8, 2012


owners of the houses

People impacted



To improve a not so positive neighbourhood to a place where it's nice passing by and people meet and greet each other with pleasure Prooving to the community that with a little good spirit .. great things can be done Having a great JCI project with impact to make us locally even more known and gain new members


Biggest facade-renovation project of Europe .. Renovating 80 houses Gathering the impact by creating a facebook-fan-page and participating to the contest of King Bouwdewijn foundation which has as subject "improving 15 years of neighbourhood"


Involve the people living in the street by asking them to do something too have the owners pay something .. for free is not appreciated spread the word by newsletters, facebook, press paper, ..


80 facades have been renovated a scary neighbourhood has become fun to go through 2 candidate-members learned about JCI through this project

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