Community garden Ziat, Fez


Meryem Khalifa


October 8, 2012


Girls from the centerof child protection Ziat Fez

People impacted



Create an income for the girls of the center after selling Implement an education about the notion of the environment as well as sustainable development and Meet the nutritional needs of the girls


in a partnership with the Youth Foundation for Sustainable Development, JCI Fez put into action since July the required work to realize the dream of planting the garden with vegetables in favor of the Ziat center for the Protection of Children at fez. The idea was fostered too thanks to the donation of the Canadian singer- Etienne Drapeau-


Very good initiative we recommend for all the regions in difficulties especially for the encouragement of sustainable develeppement also creating solidarity between affluent classes and girls situtaion difficilles


Garden Landscaping Renovation of green space Establishment of a new earth Establishment of a system of drip irrigation Planting organic vegetables Creating a workshop compost and fertilizer natural

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