Garden renovation Ziat Fez


Meryem Khalifa


October 8, 2012


Girls from the center of child protection Ziat Fez

People impacted



Redevelop the garden and green space to make it more cheerful Allow girls to center partciper actvities fun to work on their autonomy and education Reply to Program Inspired Gnération Poru a good example of citoyeneté active and set a good example for young people to engage in projects volentarait


Under the partenriat with the foundation of youth for sustainable development and program Inspired Gneration and réalmistaion of the Community Action Plan JCi Fez launch in April 2012 the renovation project of green space protection center Ziat plce to put a project development durbale The idea of ​​making more places for girls and agrébales launch uen actvities génartrice income


A project that we recommend to launch projects aimed at sustainable developpment and social entrepreneurship and human developpmenty popullation is for needy single mothers and girls in difficult situations


Creating two gardens to plant organic vegetables in favor of girls center Creating a relaxing space

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