Ten Outstanding Young Persons


Shingai Chitaka

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JCI City Zimbabwe

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Shingai Chitaka


October 15, 2012


Honorees, JCI Zimbabwe gained new members through the markieting of the project

People impacted



To collect at least thirty quality nominees across Zimbabwe. To get at least one nominee to be honored at international stage. To inspire young people of JCI age to exemplify JCI principles through their various activities


JCI Zimbabwe embarked on running TOYP in 2012 with the ambition it would leave the organization a better known brand in Zimbabwe which is recognized for its consolidated efforts to improve the general standards of our community. Zimbabwe boasts a widespread population of young professionals and activists. Most of them need to be apart of a global society like JCI but they do not know about it while a smaller population know about JCI but just don't where to find JCI or how to be a member. TOYP was meant to bridge this gap on top of honoring you citizens. the project was also meant to bring an opportunity for sponsorship and cementing relationships with corporates and organizations that have the same mission as JCI


Managed to upload a nominee who was honored in the 2012 Ten Outstanding Young Persons award. JCI Zimbabwe has put a positive mindset in Zimbabwe's young People adn has poised itself to run a more successful competition i the following year.

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