Nihan Dirin


October 8, 2012


There is a group of nearly 500 handicapped citizens in Izmir. These people from different educational levels have hearing, visual or orthopedic disabilities.

People impacted



Institutionalize the event aiming at increasing the number of working handicapped people, giving education for these people to look for a job more effectively, making more accurate job search, arranging conversation meetings to enrich their viewpoints. Moreover, guiding these people directly human resources groups which are looked for by firms.


Our Event and Project are supported by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Izmir Council of Handicapped People and the City Council, the Turkish Employment Organization, Karsiyaka Rotaract Club, Galatasaray Rotaract Club and Izmir Branch of AISEC. In our HANDICAPPED PEOPLE CARRIER DAYs and BEYOND DISABILITY Exhibition, we tried to prevent Handicapped People who were born with disadvantages from falling behind, to find solutions to their problems in today’s difficult competition conditions and systems. In the event day, we accomplished the following works in order: • Forming personal CVs of participants and sharing these CVs with participant firms after registering CVs in the CV bank • Giving Education on the Techniques of Filling a CV • Giving Education on the Techniques of Interview• Giving Education on the Techniques of Communication • Giving Education on the Legal Rights of Handicapped People • Arranging interviews between the participants and firms • The works which enabled each participant to gain motivation through reading achievement stories thanks to Beyond Disability Exhibition


We think that the preparation stage of our project is highly effective and satisfactory. We suggest taking facilitating precautions for handicapped people because they have limited physical abilities. We suggest you to employ nearly 25-30 workers for similar organizations as big as ours.

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