Self Defense For Girl Students


Bindiya Naik

Local organization

JCI Bandora Marcaim

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Bindiya Naik


March 5, 2021


To reach 40-50 girl students to boost their confidence and for their safely.

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Good Health and Well-Being

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Health and Wellness


To introduce girl students to self-defence session and to learn to protect themselves Physically and prepare them mentally to walk with confidence.


JCI Bandora Marcaim organized a session on Self Defense for Girl Students of Navdurga Higher Secondary School, Marcaim.
We were privileged and honoured to conduct the session with Ms Alfiya an Advocate by profesion and a certified coach in Taekwondo representing Anand's Taekwondo &Fitness Academy. She is also contributing to Mission Nirbhaya which is an extraordinary work in the society.
The members of JCI Bandora Marcaim present were LOM Editor Jc Hemangi Sanzgiri, Director Training Jc Amit Laad, VP Mangement Jc Pooja Renjith, Jc Seema, Jc Sushant and Ju Jc Nachiket Naik.
Overall an impactful session for the confidence and safety of the girl students.


The session was impactful. All the girl students participated in self defense session with great enthusiasm and we got request to take such session again.
We also got recognized from our zone XI at national level by JCI India President Jc Rakhi Jain.


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