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Thao Trinh


From July 19 to October 25, 2021


To provide support for medical equipment and necessary tools for hospitals and health care responders during Ho Chi Minh City's COVID-19 outbreak.

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Good Health and Well-Being

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Health and Wellness


The purpose of the project is to provide medical equipment to assist the medical field (hospitals, field hospitals, doctors, first responders, health care services) during the COVID-19 outbreak in Ho Chi Minh City.


Since May of 2021, Ho Chi Minh City was facing a total lockdown due to the surge of COVID-19 cases in the country. Being the biggest city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City was hit the hardest. Upon seeing the needs from the healthcare industry for support in resources - especially hospitals and health care services - JCI South Saigon has gathered their members to create a project that satisfies this demand. We needed to assist hospitals and health care services to gain access to more medical equipment for them to continue their services of saving lives. In just two months (from April 29 to July 21) Ho Chi Minh City saw 39,536 cases including 142 deaths. Hospitals within the city were treating more than 33,800 cases and 433 of which were needing respirator assistance and 11 of which required ECMO intervention.

The project started of with funding for 1 field hospital. Afterward it supported and oxygen project from a healthcare provider for its second phase. It's third phase it assisted 2 more hospitals treating COVID-19 patients.
All together, the project impacted 4 entities through 3 phases that spans from the beginning of August to the end of October.

Actions Taken

Collaboration with other chapters
Collaboration with supplier
Collaboration of project
Calling for funding to the mass public
Donated medical equipment to Benh Vien Dai Hoc Y Duoc (8 stretchers) and Benh Vien 1A (1 blood pressure monitor and 1 intubation kit)
Donated towards Oxy Map by Axys - an oxygen tank provider in the city that provided oxygen tanks for families that are unable to go to the hospital for emergency due to overcrowding.
Donated medical equipment to Benh Vien Da Chien Mien Dong


In total raised 591,075,525 VND and donated 570,060,000 VND.
Medical equipment for 3 hospitals and refillable oxygen for 1 healthcare service provider.
Project that amassed the most support from various sources. Large impact on the public.
1 new member joined JCI South Saigon: he was the business owner of Thuan Phong medical supplier whom supplied the beds and stretchers for the project. Upon following the project since phase 1, he was very impressed with the organization and decided in in phase 3 that he wanted to join the organization.


For future references:

Keep the momentum going and work in closer collaboration with suppliers to better coordinate deliveries.


Thao Trinh - Project Director

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