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Thao Trinh

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JCI South Saigon

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Thao Trinh


From July 13 to 15, 2021


Under privileged citizens in quarantine unable to secure food

Target population


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People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Zero Hunger

Development stage

Health and Wellness


During the height of COVID-19 outburst in Ho Chi Minh City, we saw that there were help required from those who were in quarantined whether it was their house or their alley/street - unable to go out to retrieve food or does not have the finance to do so. This project was done to aid and give assistance to provide free food source to the quarantined citizens that are under hardship. We were able to provide assistance to orphanages and homeless shelters, under privileged rentals and under privileged streets.


The project managed to deliver 4 tons of vegetables to 14 different locations using 2 small transport trucks around Ho Chi Minh City impacting a large amount of citizens. Moreover, this project also assisted the farmers that were unable to sell their vegetables because distribution was not available during COVID-19 at the time - they were stuck with tons of vegetables that was going to go bad with no one to sell to.

Actions Taken

Through purchasing the farmers' good, we were able to balance the economical advantages for the farmers whom livelihood depended on selling their vegetables to the city. During COVID-19, distribution and deliveries to the big city from other cities were not possible, this puts a pause on all activities for farmers.
Gather 4 tons of vegetables and load them onto 2 small transport trucks.
Coordinate with the delivery team and the retrieval location and communicate with them to make sure the delivery process is smooth.
The 4 tons of vegetables were taken from a member's connection with farmers who were unable to sell their vegetables anywhere during the height of COVID. The member bought the vegetable to assist the farmers with the sales and then shipped the vegetables to Ho Chi Minh City.
2 small trucks arrived at the location and the team processed the vegetables as well as sort out vegetables that went bad during the move from Dalat to Ho Chi Minh City.
Created a project to satisfy the needs of those quarantined and did not have the economic advantages to purchase food or the means to purchase food.


4 tons of vegetables were delivered to 14 different locations in the city.
Sponsorship from Samin Water for 2 small transport trucks to deliver.


In the future, during the trip from Da Lat to Ho Chi Minh City, we need to think about having a cooling system to ensure the freshness of the vegetables. We noticed and had to sort through vegetables that went bad due to the tough climate during delivery.


Le Huy Hoang - +84 968961001 - Project Director

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