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From July 13 to December 31, 2021


The project aimed to support the poor workers in Ho Chi Minh City who became unemployed due to Covid and cannot afford food, children in shelters, poor students.

Target population


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People impacted


Root cause

Food is a basic human need, but due to the influence of covid, HO CHI MINH CITY is socially isolated, workers lose their jobs so they don’t have money to buy food

Sustainable Development Goal

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Development stage

Health and Wellness


- Save poor people from hunger.
- Help poor workers overcome difficulties so as not to have to return to their hometowns and face local job shortages.
- Promote the spirit of young active citizens (Jaycees), take concrete action in the face of the problems of society.
- Mobilize society resources, promote the good tradition of Vietnamese: “fresh leaves cover torn leaves”, stay united together to overcome difficulties


1. Problems:
- From 1st May 2021, the covid 19 pandemic began to swept Ho Chi Minh City. In July 2021, TP. Ho Chi Minh City issued directives on social distancing, many economic activities such as ticket sales, street vendors, food services, entertainment are suspended, factories are closed, people are not allowed to go to the streets. This has resulted in many workers being unemployed, with no income to cover the cost of living. The economy has been hit hard, so child shelters, shelters, and charity kitchens also receive help from military forces. Many people are at risk of hunger. According to the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. Hcm City, the total number of people in need of assistance is 7,347,116 people
2. Solution:
JCI Central Saigon organized a 10-ton zero-dong food project. The project has mobilized funding resources for money, food, transportation vehicles, volunteers, to give food to people in need.
3. Results achieved
 Social Impact
The project has provided food to more than 50,000 disadvantaged residents, orphans, workers who have lost their jobs and poor students, helped them to continue their lives during the epidemic season and continue to stay in Ho Chi Minh City to return to work after the city social distancing was loosened. Without timely help, these people may have had to return to their hometown, resulting in a local undereging of work. At the same time, if they carry a covid pathogen, it will spread the disease locally.
 JCI mission:
The project has aroused the spirit of young active citizens in JCI and spread that positive spirit to the community, prompting the whole society to take concrete actions to contribute to solving an ongoing social problem, making society better.
The project not only receives and gives food, but also gives love, attention, and affection among people in difficult times.
 Partnership:
We have received the support and support of many partners.
- Legal support of Ho Chi Minh City Union and Ho Chi Minh City Youth Business Association HCM.
- Support of local authorities, fatherland front: (72 people) military forces (57 people) in giving food to the people.
- Transportation companies, transportation support: 50 people and more than 100 rides
- Farmers' Union in Da Lat, Gia Lai, Tay Ninh: 161 people, supporting harvesting and donating vegetables.
- Miss Universe Vietnam: participating in the awarding and communication for the project.
- Financial support from 20 companies, 5 social organizations and 224 individuals
- The participation of 88 JCI members
 Viral:
The project has been vi and ralreceived the support of leaders in the Youth Business Association of Ho Chi Minh City: Mr. Pham Phu Truong, Ms. Pham Thi Bich Hue,Mr. Nguyen Tuan Quynh, JCI: JCI EVP Teresa Poon, PNP Tuan Quynh, Tran Bang Viet 2018 Le Thi Bich Tram, Anh Le Danh Hoang, Mr. Truong Duc Luong, Anh Vo Quan Duy, NEVP Vu Tuan Anh
The project has been joined and spread by influential people in the community: Miss Universe Vietnam 201 Khanh Van, Miss Runner-up Kim Duyen, Miss Runner-up Vu Hoang My, Miss Phan Ngoc Diem - President of JCI Vietnam 2019
 Improve JCI brand identity:
Information about the project is communicated in many media: television, newspapers, social networks, through articles of KOL. As a result, JCI brand is spread very strongly, creating a great reputation in the community for the projects that JCI implements. Through the project, there are many members who learn and join JCI.
- Tv channel: 3 tv channels covering the project
- Online newspapers : 45 pages of newspapers
- Media post: 76 articles, gaining 4148 interactions.


1. Funding:
- Total number of fund mobilized: 1,439,761,000 VND, reaching 1340% compared to the plan.
- Total current amount of food purchase, packaging and transportation costs: 1,439,761,000 VND
- Surplus: 0 d.

2. Artifacts:
- Food mobilized: about 100 tons (value about 715,000,000 VND)
- 100 transport vehicles

3. Sources of funding advocacy:
- Currently: from 224 individuals, 10 companies, 05 social organizations.
- Artifacts: from 110 farmer households, 12 companies.

4. Total food given: 230 tons, reaching 2200% compared to the lan.
Number of beneficiary:
• 15,348 households
• 71 charity kitchens
• 53 loving homes
• 241 students in difficulty


The goal of the project is to mobilize the resources of society to give food to people in difficulty and urgently in the time ofepidemic. Therefore, we do not retain the surplus of the project to carry out local branch development activities, but all the funds raised from the project have been used to buy food and give. The project's surplus is $0.


VDir Ai Van - 0903 102 607

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