Go Ahead


Veronica Ji


October 22, 2012


Young people who are going to enter the work market

People impacted



To help young people to develop a positive attitude at the working place, our method is to get them involved thru board games. It is easier to make youths to get the message.


It is a project to prop up strawberries (18-24 aged youths) with positive working attitude Environment is ever changing, and being even challenging. Young people must equip themselves before entering the workplace. In view of the keen competition in employment market, career planning and preparation has become more essential nowadays. Some researches have shown that many students in Hong Kong do not know their ways to go after graduation. They cannot decide their future and feel helpless. Some even get confused and become unsatisfied with their new environment. Consequently, they lose their working motivation. Hence, it is vital to provide some guidance to them and help them fine-tune. Under such circumstances, JCI Queensway would like to launch a project to prop up these ‘strawberries’ (youngsters aged 18-24), by applying life engineering concepts to their career planning, aiming at building them up with a positive working attitude, so they are strengthened to face competitive situations.


The project is recommended to continue in the next years as a long term project because it will help to raise the image of the junior chamber among the young energetic citizens and activate them to involve more in the community when they are empowered with positive attitude. Some improvements could be made. We could spend more on promotion, by using leaflets and posters in the universities, whose students are our targets.


In this project, we would like to bring up about the main idea of the project, that is “attitude decides our altitude”. Through the project, we would like to deliver this idea by the method of inviting two speakers. Through the games and speeches, positive attitude was delivered so as to let the youngsters have a positive change in the attitude.

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