JCIP Business Trade Directory


Randolf Ivan Antonio Ruste


October 22, 2012


JCI members

People impacted



The project objective to publish a directory listing of businesses and services of JCI Philippines members. Specifically, the project aims to print and sell copies of the directory to all JCI and non-JCI members as well. This project also aims to advertise members business through this handbook.


The JCI organization wherein its members are mostly composed young leaders and entrepreneurs. In previous year’s JCI’s slogan was “Entrepreneurship in Action”. In order to compliment with this objective in providing members an avenue for networking among its members, a handy hardbound Business Trade Directory be provided wherein the listing of information or profile on the businesses by the members categorized by business class, contact numbers, location, activity etc


While the Business Trade Directory handy book is a good medium for directory outsource in reaching out members not only for personal contacts but most especially a quick reference for an effective business networking. It is being recommended that the said business directory to have an on line version thru a centralized website wherein database of members be encoded to expand its coverage. In this way it will maximized to served its purpose among members and non-members as well worldwide


With the implementation of this project, we come up with around initial 300 copies of Business Trade Directory which was sold during the National Convention. JCI Philippine members were very appreciative on it since it will serve as their handy reference for networking with their fellow JCI members.

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