2012 Shelter Dreams


Johnathan Lee


October 22, 2012


Young citizens in Hong Kong, JCI members, thousands of children in Hunan Province.

People impacted



Objective - Raise the public awareness of the people in need of funding in the our mother country - Help young people in Hong Kong to realize their value of life and strength in helping the others in need through the contribution they made towards the event - Fund Raising for an non profit making organizations such as school or orphan house in China, to renovate existing or build up new facilities within the organization as to improve the living condition of the event’s beneficiary - Create a sustainable flagship project for KJC - Raise the public awareness of KJC and build up a stronger reputation in the community through this Community Development projects


2012 Shelter Dreams is about staying out for a night, with a cardboard built shelter, in which the participants can experience how it may feel to stay under a poor environment for living, and to learn how to make themselves the best possible condition of shelter with limited and simple resources. Shelter Dreams is also a fundraising project, the fund raised will be contributing to improve education environment for children living in poverty in Hunan Province

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