1st Business Network Gathering - Sharing Experiences of entering the China market


Alex Tsang


October 22, 2012


Members of own chapter, members of external youth organizations

People impacted



JCI Island has hosted a series of Business Network Gathering this year. The main objective is to let other organizations and their members to know more about our chapter, and to understand what JCI is doing, so that we can invite them to be our potential members. At the same time, it can extend and broaden the business and social network of our members.


To achieve the objective of getting external organizations to know about JCI Island, we had 2econd Generation Entrepreneur Association (2GHK) as supporting organization, and members from Rotary Club of Central (RCC) and Business Network International Passion Chapter (BNI), and other entrepreneurs and professionals to join the Gathering. Our guest speaker, Mr Garic KWOK, the Director and Chief Officer of Business Development of Taipan Bread and Cakes Co. Ltd., shared with participants his experience of extnding business into the Mainland China.

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