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Ștefana Carabaș

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JCI Targu Mures

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Ștefana Carabaș


From January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022


Educate, spend time with and help integrate in society the children in 3 foster care centers from/around Targu Mures, Romania.

Target population


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Sustainable Development Goal

Reduced Inequalities

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


For the 52 children and young persons from 3 foster centers in/around Targu Mures included in the program, we organize anniversary celebrations for each child's birthday, educate them with courses in their domains of interest, but also for better and easier integration into the community and society. We spend quality time with them and help them understand their situation, we encourage and teach them how to avoid violence and be grateful for what they receive, trust themselves and people around them who want to help them, be open about their feelings and make them want to be the best versions of themselves.


52 birthday anniversaries/year - we bring the children cakes donated from persons in the community
* career orientation program with tests, plans, and discussions with mentors
* summer camp - a psychologist with a volunteer team creates activities to help them practice teamwork, trust themselves and the others, be open and ambitious
* Christmas shoes from Santa Claus - again with the help of the community, we collect and bring them shoes and sweets for Christmas.
* discovering talents and investing in them with the money donated from persons in the community
* Partnership with an organization that helps us with transportation for different activities and events
* activity at the Zoo with smaller children, where they can learn about the animals, what they eat, their habits, and conditions to survive
* visit a local company with the children from 17 to 19 years old, where they get to interact with workers and learn about the program, the qualification they need in order to work there and get familiar with the company - this way, we can assure they will be easily integrated into the work field.

Actions Taken

raise donations from the community and gift every child with a new pair of shoes for Christmas
monthly sessions of sexual education with Adina Iancu, a mentor who can guide the older girls and teach them about contraceptive methods, potential illnesses and risks of unprotected sexual activities
We will offer emotional support and advices to the children in the foster homes by creating a closer relationship with one of our members. They can communicate openly with their buddy, who will try and help them with advices or good words.
organize fun activities where we get to interact with them, play, talk about their problems and support their plans and ideas
Plan a visit to a big local company so they can be introduced in the industry and make them interested in the work - this company may eventually hire some of the children who are interested afterwards
organize a summer camp at the seaside - they will enjoy the view and play, while in the meantime we will bring mentors and create informative and interactive sessions with them


All children and teenagers learn how it feels to have a birthday celebration that is all about them.
Children aged 6 to 19 become more open about feelings and reduce violent intense situations.
They learn to better communicate and trust the adults around them.
Teenagers learn about self-trust, openness, positive thinking, and solution-finding and are more optimistic about life. They receive information about their domains of interest regarding possible future careers and are advised on how to proceed in order to start a career direction.
All children are encouraged to find and develop their talents and passions.


Pay attention to each child's background and accumulated frustrations in order to understand the problematic behavior.
Ask them questions and be really interested in their life, feelings, dislikes, and desires.
Encourage them to ask for advice and become open to everything life has to offer.
Be yourself open in order to earn their trust and openness.
Trust them.


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