World Cafe


Maria Stredie

Local organization

JCI Targu Mures

National organization



Maria Stredie


From August 25, 2021 to December 31, 2022


People interested in improving their language skills

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People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Quality Education

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


Appealing to those eager to improve their social, communication and language skills in a fun and accessible way, while also tackling civic issues that are present within the community. World Cafe is meant to not only recruit new members, but to ensure a great time to everyone participating at any edition of the event. Networking and socializing are considered to be primary goals of this event, as it encourages people to overcome their personal barriers and engage in fruitful conversations in multiple languages.


World Cafe is an event that occurs almost monthly in our city, targeting people that aspire to build strong connections and have a fun time while developing their language and communication skills. There are multiple languages available in which people can converse and debate upon themes that target their interests and civic issues. The event welcomes people of all ages, as they can take this opportunity and create networking connections, as well as overcome their personal anxiety towards public activities. Our team takes as well the opportunity of encountering such amazing people and makes sure to promote our local chapter to the community and recruit new members.

Actions Taken

Helps with the brain-storming of the event's theme and with the problems that need to be tackled upon.
Comes up with the best solutions when discussing scenarios that require problem solving.
Always there to spark up conversation with people and to debate upon the theme of the event.
Brings friends from different fields and includes them in conversation regarding themes other than their own filed of expertise, encouraging them to overcome their personal barriers.
Talks with the participants that seem more anxious and makes sure to always include them in conversation as well.
Is coordinating the Instagram page of our local chapter and posts information regarding World Café and recruitment for JCI Targu Mures.
Takes photographies on site of the event, participants and the JCI team, which are later used in order to promote the event.
Gives a speech regarding the recruitment conditions and invites people to join our local chapter.
Gives an introductory speech regarding our local chapter and what the goals of JCI Targu Mures are.
Uses her strong networking connections in order to promote the event.
Is co-coordinating the English conversation table, maintaining conversation with the people attending the event.
Is coordinating the Italian Language conversation table, maintaining the conversation with the people attending the event.
Is coordinating the Spanish Language conversation table, maintaining conversation with the people attending the event.
Is coordinating the English Language conversation table, maintaining conversation with the people attending the event.
Is co-coordinating the French Language conversation table, maintaining conversation with the people attending the event.
Is coordinating the French Language conversation table, maintaining conversation with the people attending the event.


World Cafe has targeted over 100 people from our community, some of which are now regular participants to the event. Concluding from the feedback form that was completed by each participant after each edition, most of them have reported that our event has helped them improve their communication skills in whatever language they practiced while at the event. Some of them have also said they overcame their fear of speaking in a different language with others, or the level of their social anxiety has diminished. Through World Cafe, our local chapter recruited 5 new members, including myself, its current Project Manager. World Cafe has also spread awareness about what JCI is as an organization, and what our mission is.


Be open and understanding towards everyone’s level of knowledge in a certain language. Some people might be fluent, but some others might only know the language to a beginner level, as they study it for a hobby. Everyone makes mistakes, it is important to correct people in a nice way as it will help them learn better. Listen to what everyone has to say, when debating you might have the tendency to get ahead of yourself if you have a lot of ideas. However, you need to remember that everyone has a point of view that they are willing to share. Check on your friends that might seem a little bit more anxious, some people do not do so well in public situations. And overall, have a fun time and do not worry about people judging you, we are all there to learn and to share our ideas.


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