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Iacob Filip


From February 15, 2021 to April 1, 2022


Our target were the highschool and middleschool pupils of the Sport Program Highschool in Constanta, and the young children attending tennis lessons in extracuricular activities.

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The purpose was to create development oportunities for the young athletes that study tennis as a performance sport in highschool and for young children that perform this sport as an extracuricular activity. For this, we built a tent to cover the tennis practice grounds, we iluminated it, creating a practice field open 10 months a year, 24h a day, 7 days a week, with funds from local and national partners, so that children from all over our county, that attend the Sport Program Highschool and children from Constanta city, benefit from a care free practice ground.


"Sport teaches you honesty, sport teaches you to be dignified, therefore sport teaches you life". E. Hemingway said an is, for 40 years, the Sport Program Highschool's in Constanta moto.
Getting to know the people there, having seen the performances achieved year after year by their pupils, we in JCI decided to help them with one of their issues with young tennis athletes, the training ground.
Using our influence and their's, using City elected lobby and former pupils like Simona Halep(no. 1 WTA in October 2017, currently no. 23) and Horia Tecau(winner of the 2015 Wimbledon double men tournament and the 2017 US Open double men tournament), we convinced national and local partners to support our initiative and build a tent over the tennis practice ground. Our top national partners were Kaufland Romania that donated 280.000RON(60.000Euro) for the actual tent and Gewiss Romania that donated electrical equipment worth 12.000RON(2.500Euro). The other electrical equipment, the electrical project and the functioning permit were obtained curtesy of local entrepreneurs and JCI members working in the areas needed.


The tent is up and has been sustaining performance since February 2022, as promised, 10 months a year, 7 days a week, 24h a day.


More of these projects can be implemented due to the lack of intrest for sustaining young athletes all over our country and the world.

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