Connecting JCI generations in Győr


Noémi Tihanyi


January 15, 2013


JCI local organization and past members

People impacted



The aim of the project was to discover past JCI local members through a gala dinner and make them involved in JCI Győr's present life. It was also a fund raising event for the local orgazination and a great possibility to make networks.


The most critical phase of the project was to identify and discover past members. We followed the snowball method (reaching members and following their network). We put a lot of effort on marketing (especially phone calls as the newest channels are rarely used by older members). We also managemd to collect old database. We organized an exclusive gala dinner where past members could meet and revive old memmories (old photos), and presented JCI Győr's present plans and challenges. The project was supported by past members and senators. There were some follow up actions taken: Facebook group for past members, news letters.

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