Synergy Camp


Myint Thiri Khine

Local organization

JCI Yangon

National organization



Myint Thiri Khine


From April 2 to 3, 2022


Membership recruitment

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Responsible Consumption and Production

Development stage

Health and Wellness


Development of Teamwork, Effective Leadership, Management, Role and Responsibilities. Planning and Networking


More and more people are requested to lead teams nowadays in the workplace, yet the path to becoming a good leader is a long and not always straightforward.
Practical leadership activities are a great way of moving toward that path, whether you perform them as a facilitator with your own team or with an external facilitator.
The idea of "Synergy Camp 2022" is to bring everyone together in one space to train their life skills and impactful usage in real life. From this camp training, members can find out their inner ability to lead the team and learn the power of the unity. Through this friendship, they can grow their network, business and friendship. The challenging part of this camp is the strength of the unity which is the power to bring everyone together and work together.


People who energetically participate in Synergy camp, will get leadership and management training with games such as those featured here are also effective at introducing leadership concepts and can be great for introducing or kicking off leadership skills trainings.
With the sharing experiences of JCI journey during the camp, some potential members began a member and happy to join more development trainings in the future activities of JCI Myanmar.


If you want to discover your hidden leadership skill, Synergy Camp is the one of the best way to prove your power to become a good leader for one team.
Due to the current situation in Myanmar, everything is so limited like transportation, safety, and so on.
It's one night and two days trip training and highly recommended to stay alert during the road trip, bring snacks or board games which could help the team building.


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