Children's public Speaking and Debating Championship


Duduzile K. Moyo


December 19, 2012


orphaned young children from 4 homes

People impacted



 To provide a platform for children to exchange and share ideas on how to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, thereby creating a world fit for children  To raise awareness in the general public on the role they play in being part of the solution to the challenge of extreme poverty and hunger  To provide an opportunity for young people to share their visions of a better world fit for children.


To host a public speaking and debate championship for children from four institutions (Blossoms, Chiedza, Dzikwa and SOS Bindura) These institutions support orphaned children, most of whom are orphans due to HIV. Topics are structured to draw out best practices and encourage creating a vision for the future as well as laying down clear strategies to achieve such visions. The children focus on what they can do to create a world fit for them, as well as what others can do. The championship is for High School going students only. There are two categories for the Public Speaking contestants, Junior (forms 1 – 3); Senior (forms 4 – 6) and only one category for the Debate. Each participating institution holds a preliminary competition following all the rules of the championship. Every child being supported by the institution is eligible to take part. One winner is drawn in each category, per institution. These winners meet at the Championship. Debate topics are agreed upon by partners Preliminary competitions are held in one month and championship the following month. Our aim for the next edition will be to enter these children into the National Championships where they will be able to mingle with their peers and be exposed to competition at a higher level. Members of JCI Harare Effective Speaking Project as well as esteemed JCI Zimbabwe members who have competed at JCI World Effective Speaking Championships will be responsible for training the children in public speaking techniques, speech writing and research skills. Winners and 1st runner - ups are not eligible to enter the competition in the same category, to give room for others to showcase their talents and for some to come out of their shells of shyness and be visible.

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