The Green Quest


Roger Wong

Local organization

JCI Unify

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Roger Wong


October 14, 2013


64 5th graders of the district of Brokopondo in Suriname

People impacted



Make 64 5th graders of 3 school of Brokopondo aware of the causes, consequences and solutions for Climate Change.


On August 13th JCI Unify executed the Green Quest.It was a succesful project in which 64 5th graders of 3 schools of Brokopondo were made aware of the diferent aspects of climate change.This was done in the following way: -Presentation on the causes, consequences and solutions of climate change. -A demostration on the effects of erosion. -Creative activities such as making drawings and preparin and rpesenting sketches about climate change. -Execution of a quest in which the pupils had to find answers in diferent areas to quesions about climate change.


The planning of the proyect should start 4 months before the execution of the proyect. - The teachers of the different schools should be involucrated during the planning of educational activities. They know the pupils best. -the partnership made with WWF and the scouts should be continued.


With this project we accomplished raising the awareness of climate change with a group which is vulnerable for the effects of claimate change namely the young inhabitants of the villages of the interior.

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