Mind Strengthening with JCI


Myint Thiri Khine

Local organization

JCI Yangon

National organization



Myint Thiri Khine


From May 7 to June 29, 2022


Mental Health and Membership recruitment

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Good Health and Well-Being

Development stage

Health and Wellness


To bring the positive energy for everyone who feel anxious about financial, health, political and other crisis during these years.


This project is pitch winning project by Team Wu Kong in JCI Myanmar President Academy 2021. This program can bring all together to face the challenges of life and help to grow the positive energy during the crisis around the world.
Mental Health is a great way to relax, calm mind and bring a little positivity into life and it is a key aspect of self-care and affects our overall wellbeing. Healthy relationships, a healthy body and regular activities are just some of the things that can improve mental wellbeing.
This program will help you: Maximize your physical and mental performance


It is all about improving your well-being on the inside. A healthy mind is very important to life, if we want to live in peace and happiness then we need to have a calm and relax mind. It is not just about relaxing body but also about improving inner self.
This project is impactful for everyone, especially with the current situation in Myanmar.


The power of mind strengthening is not only to boost your confidence, but also to gain more inner peace and confidence. Mindfulness meditation meditation as a method for calming the mind, eliminating stress and boosting our self-confidence. The art therapy is also a very effective way to release our emotions, discover our inner potential and make us more confident in ourselves and in life's uncertainties.



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