Business Networking Event (2661)


Tinashe Kubwalo


December 19, 2012


Youths, Young Proffessionals, Entrepreneurs,Institutions,Business Organisations

People impacted



To create business synergies through effective networking in events anticipated to create business relations and contacts. To create a platform for young business people to interact, share ideas, make contacts and foster strategic alliances.


The JCI City Business Area organised a series of business networking events with one being held during the Global Entrepreneurship Week in partnership with the Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust. The main objective of the events were to create a platform for young professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses to meet, interact and create possible business contacts and relationships.


There is need for more involvement of local organisation members in the preparations of the project as well as participation. There is need to concentrate on the partnership with the Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust in the coming year as there is more to gain and offer from the partnership.


The events worked on allowing people from all kinds of business backgrounds a platform to come through and share their skills, knowledge and experience with others while at the same time developing their own chosen business contact list which they would then use to develop their businesses on a personal level. During the Global Entrepreneurship Week participants were allowed to bring through their business proposals which they then presented and went through an evaluation and selection process to be awarded loans through the Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust. The events introduced a new and structured way of networking which is now being adopted by other forums within the economy. Through the partnership with the Youth Empowerment and transformation Trust field visits have been made on the winning proposals to see how the projects are being implemented and provide support in terms of mentorship and trainings.

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