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Thanh Truc Duong

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Thanh Truc Duong


From February 1 to March 21, 2022


Solve students' lack of career orientation and connect job opportunities for students

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Root cause

Too many people are affected

Sustainable Development Goal

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


The purpose of 19 Train project is aimed at 4 main focuses:
1. Increase members for JCI Da Nang.
2. Develop skills and increase the empowerment for members and volunteers.
3. Solve students' lack of career orientation and develop skills development for students
4. Become one of the model projects, along with a sustainable development model and can package for other regions in Vietnam



According to a statistics by Nhan Viet Management Group over 500 firms, there are 94% of fresh graduates need to be retrained to the specific needs of the enterprises. In there, the re-training contents have 92% on professional skills, 61% on basic soft skills, 53% on communication skills, behaviour culture,..
The issues that students are dealing with today:
- There is no career orientation or future university.
- Choose a school from the wishes of parents and friends or according to popularity trends without coming from understanding their strengths or passions.
- Choose a school but don't know what to study, study properly and what to do after graduation.
- Difficult in career development and advancement.
- No persistent, easy to change jobs or "Standing from this mountain to look at that mountain" - Vietnamese Proverb.

Stories like the above are not rare to come across in today's students. They are questions, thoughts, and times when students lose their career orientation. They need a mentor, an experienced person someone who has spent many years in career orientation or developing their own career path. JCI is a partner with the United Nations to implement 17 Sustainable Development Goals including Decent work and economic growth. We realize that this is a social problem that needs to be better solved, especially in the Central Vietnam. From the above problems, JCI Danang launched the 19 Train project to solve the problem of lacking career orientation and create a career development environment for Vietnamese students, specifically:
- Help students understand themselves, choose the right majors and career orientation while at university
- Help students have the opportunity to get closer and more specific access about real-life occupations through participating in talkshows, workshops, professional contests of mentors and trainers at businesses sharing about their professions in future.
- Help students have positive thinking, proactive attitude and practical skills before working at business
- Connect students to internships and officially work at the corporates

Connect resources to solve the problem of lacking career orientation and create a career development environment for Vietnamese students
Become the organization that brings the most value to students in career development, thereby helping to improve productivity of Vietnamese workers.

Project model:
- The implementation model of the project, connecting 3 objects: students, schools and businesses to bring specific values:
- Direct beneficiary Students: Have good career orientation and skills to get better jobs.
- Indirect beneficiary Enterprises: Having staffs with good professional skills, proactive working attitude to grow faster
- Implementation partners: Schools, other organizations: Support consultants, Mentor, provide resources (People, places, facilities, ...) for the project to operations

Project activities:
1. Talkshow about overall career orientation
2. The Y Factor 2021 Contest: This is an industry-specific competition, including industry-specific training programs and competition rounds for students to participate in. Helping students who are studying that profession to develop their thinking, equip them with knowledge and skills, approach real business problems, and be ready to enter the real battle phase - "going to work".
3. Implement the "Talented Internship" program, connecting students to internships at businesses.
The project is organized as a microcosm of JCI. The project has an Organizing Committee for each activity and contest. The departments support the operation of the Departments. This increases empowerment, creates clubs, replicates projects in other locales faster and causes many effects for society.

4. Hackathon 2022 - Hack The Future is a contest for programming ideas, where talented and enthusiastic students gather to create practical technology solutions to support businesses in the central provinces of Vietnam. Economic recovery after the Covid crisis

PROJECT STRUCTURE: Human resource of the Project is allocated as a local chapter including Departments managed by Project Director and the Team Leaders. They take on the roles such as:
- Project's Action Plan development
- Recruitment of personnel and work assignment
- Implementation of tasks
- Build the performance appraisal system for programs of the Project
- Workflow improvement; Risk management
- Transfer Project Model

1. Human Resources Department: Organizes training programs to improve the expertise and skills of project members; Coordinates recruitment activities to attract active young citizens to participate in project; Helds member bonding activities; Internal communication to 19 Train and JCI Danang members to let them understand and go for the project

2. Coordination Department: Builds the working process, working form for other departments; Ensures smooth cooperation between departments; Updates reports, information, measure project results for LBOD of JCI Danang and project participants; Organizes training or sharing sessions about applying JCI Active Citizen Framework in building the project.

3. Content Department: Develops a training program framework and project action plan in line with JCI Plan of Action 2021; Builds a team of professional advisors; Connects and work with trainers and mentors who are members of JCI Danang and other chapters (JCI Hanoi, JCI Central Saigon)

4. Communication Department: Implements brand communication activities for 19 Train project and JCI Danang to local businesses, schools and team clubs related to the project; Shares and spreads JCI's mission to the local community on media channels; Creates an environment to learn and develop in terms of marketing skills such as writing content, building landing pages, creating communication plans...

5. Events Department: Coordinates activities of talkshows, workshops and training sessions for the project; Organizing awareness raising programs for participants; Calling for JCI Danang members to participate and support the Project

6. External Affairs Department: Connects resources from the government, private enterprises, universities in Da Nang city; Coordinates with media units across the country, the press and social organizations to participate the Project

7. The Finance Department: Implementes financial plans; Proposed fundraising programs, and mobilized donation and support from JCI members, social organizations and local businesses.


1. Introduction 19 Train Project video: https://youtu.be/j1Gcf6vfc-c

2. Introduction The Y Factor 2021 Contest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nanerORp3OQ

3. Summary The Y Factor 2021 Contest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYlFFreadHc

4. Summary The Y Factor 2021 video for internal communication: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qS2tn1mdU0&t=1s

5. Introduction Hackathon 2022 Contest video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19HBhw_h4CRbmTBwhDrAWTVnSHu4Easys/view?usp=sharing

6. Summary Hackathon 2022 Contest video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p9T4t4dl0fmbppXZMYE4x-FwkvluFKiN/view?usp=drivesdk


+ Practicality: Students learn through Case study, receive topics from businesses, propose practical marketing plan
+ Connectivity: The Project connects Experts - Students - Businesses; Helds the programs to directly train and mentor for students
+ Overview: Students who undergo training content like a real employee will have an overview of the industry. Thereby choosing the work you love
+ Sustainability: The Project holds not only the programs in a short time period like Talkshows, Workshops, but creates the values through long-term practical experience; The high quality training sessions focus on changing thinking, attitude and training internal strength, the mind and spirit for students.

- Legal Protection Units: YBA - Ho Chi Minh City Young Businesses Association, JCI Vietnam.
- Organizers: JCI Da Nang, 19 Train.
- Co-organizer: Vietnam Student Association - Da Nang City.
- Sponsors:
+ Diamond Sponsors: GCO Software, VTC Academy
+ Gold Sponsors: Conando Corp - Media and Technology Joint Stock Company, Hiep Hung Group
+ Silver Sponsor: Tuan Thi Group, Bizciti, Mai Wedding, Vuong Khoa Media
+ Companion Sponsors: General Trading Production Co., Ltd. II, Viet Tu Te, ViGift - Conando Corp, Sparta Mental Math Center System, Nhien Tam House, Evashoes, VMO, GCO, Suntory Pepsico, Edubit.
+ Implementation Partners: Song Han Incubator, Enouvo Group, Delegation of Duy Tan University, Danang University of Economics & Marketing, Faculty of Management - Dong A University, Aten, Streetnet Corporation, Holo Speak.
- Media Units:
+ Media Sponsor: Ybox
+ Media Partners: FYE, TOP SV, Danang Free tour - Hometown, CYG - Connect Youth Group, S-Group, Young Startup Club, I-Design, IDY - Interesting information in Central, BBE - Be Better Everyday , Duy Tan University Entrepreneurship Center.


The results have been achieved:

- Organize 26 training programs
- 500,000 interactions on Online platforms
- 1420 turns of students directly participating in the project
- 1500 Active members on Facebook community, fan page
- 1 government unit, the largest unit of Vietnamese students participating in the project; 70 partners are Business participating in the project
- 200 participating in HACKATHON 2022
- 50 Technology ideas for recovering business after covid-time


Looking at the future, the 19 Train project recommends implementing programs more relevant and valuable for the Organizing Committee, students and participating partners. We recommend:

+ Repack the model of the contest successfully organized.
+ Expand the project through empowerment tools, organize competitions to other areas
+ More diverse forms of career guidance activities for students

19 Train became a management unit, empowerment of community groups, the Community organizes its own contest according to the packaged The Y Factor contest model.

+ Training Core Team, capacity improvement.
+ Build Chapters of projects in neighboring localities, establish clubs at universities.
+ Empower you to organize your own projects.

3. CONNECTION PARTNERS: Collaborate with more local organizations and local government organizations.


Mr. Tran Hoang Hiep - 2022 Director of 19 Train Project ( Email: 19train2022@gmail.com)

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