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Kester Roberts


April 16, 2022


Adolescents and young adults

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Sustainable Development Goal

Decent Work and Economic Growth

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Education and Economic Empowerment


The program seeks to educate attendees on three (3) important areas of importance in life, such as financial literacy, CV writing, Interview readiness, and image and personal branding.


JCI Guyana launched and executed our I-Mentor program in both Berbice and Essequibo.
This program targeted school children and young adults under the theme “Mentoring Resilient Leaders in a Changing World”.
The program educated attendees on three (3) important areas of importance, such as financial literacy, CV writing, Interview readiness, and image and personal branding.

Financial literacy is a core life skill for participating in modern society, it contributes to one’s knowledge base and adequately equips participants to use practical steps to use and manage their finances. A lack of financial literacy could lead to more unsustainable debt, burdens, poor credit, money loss, and a higher risk of being victims of fraud.

CV Writing and interview readiness focus on providing tips for writing an awesome and attractive CV and providing guidance on what to expect when attending an interview. In this way, it prepared attendees on what to expect and what should and shout not be done.

Image and Personal Branding
This is where attendees were thought how to distinguish between their image and their branding, participants were cautioned against sharing certain posts on their social media pages that would portray a negative image of their brand.

These three (3) important lessons would help build well-rounded individuals and equip them with the knowledge needed to take on life’s challenges and brave the world.


Arrow oil Fields
Ramps Logistics GUYANA
Guyana Geology and Mines Commission
Jaigobin Hotel
Ministry of Education
Essequibo Regional Democratic Council
Berbice Chamber of Commerce


More trainings should be added to provide all-rounded development for young adults and this initiative should be taken to all the regions in GUYANA benefiting a larger group and better prepare them so that they too can be equipped for a changing world.


President David Seales - +592-616-0767

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