JCI CLIC- Finanserio project


Gyonne Frans

Local organization

JCI Creative Leaders In Curaçao

National organization

Dutch Caribbean


Gyonne Frans


From January 9 to August 27, 2022


Curacao Citizen between 18 and 40

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Root cause

Population not active enough

Sustainable Development Goal

No Poverty

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


Finanserio is a project that is part of a 3-year program, the Finanserio Program, focusing on the
financial education of the youth. Finanserio was successfully launched this year in the local
organization JCI CLIC. Different aspects of finance such as money management budgeting and
wise spending decisions. The primary purpose of the project is to increase awareness of the
importance of financial literacy for our community throughout the 2022-2023. The focus will be
on equipping our youth with the proper knowledge to create a future generation less in debt and
more financially resilient. In a few words; to help create a stronger community. The project is
based on 8/10 training sessions that will be given by financial professionals covering different
aspects of finance. Attendance is completely free for all participants and the sessions will be held


This project consist of:
- Educative Social Media videos about financial literacy
- Lectures for the Finanserio Team members
- Finanserio Workshop


The project has the following results:
- 3 short videos about financial literacy
- Training for members of the core team on project management sustainable leadership
- Workshops organize for more than 75 individual
- Founding from a European fund for the projects


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